Holiday Survival Guide

Don’t let the holidays throw you off track!!

Delicious food, celebration and even a little added stress can make sticking to your health goals a challenge. You work hard to keep yourself well and feeling good, so there is no reason why the holidays should be any different!

Follow these simple tips to fully enjoy the holidays and stay on track! It’s easier than you think 😉

  1. Don’t Show Up Starving
    When your blood sugar drops and you feel hunger setting in we tend to want to eat anything and everything in sight. Set yourself up for success by being in control of what you consume. Eat a small, nutritious meal before going to a holiday party or dinner so that you arrive feeling well-fuelled, in a positive mood and ready to fully enjoy the moment. When it comes to meal time you will be able to make wise food choices and keep quantities within moderation. You will even enjoy your food more, since you aren’t 100% focused on feeding your starving body.
  2. Drink Lots of Water
    Let’s face it, you’re going to indulge a little…Keep yourself well hydrated with lots of water. Not only will this help to keep your belly full so that you don’t gorge on treats, it will also help to prevent any water retention caused by increased salt and sugar intake. 
  3. Fill Up on Veggies
    Yes there’s more treats around, but there is also a whole lot more amazing healthy dishes as well! Fill most of your plate with veggies (green beans, sweet potato and turnip are my faves) and high-quality protein – like turkey – to fuel your body with the good stuff. Vegetables and turkey are packed full of nutrients that will keep you in tip-top shape the whole season!
  4. Choose One or Two Desserts
    There is no need to deprive yourself, but also don’t completely over do it. Practice mindfulness when choosing to indulge. Choose a couple of your favourite holiday treats – whether it’s a dessert, a drink, maybe an extra spoonful of mashed potatoes – and stick to eating just those pre-determined choices. Eat them and enjoy them 100% guilt-free! 
  5. Get Moving
    Off-set the big meals by moving! Walking for just 10 minutes after a meal helps to balance your blood sugar and allow your body to better use the nutrients that you have just consumed. Getting some additional exercise will also help to offset any additional calories that you may have consumed and prevent weight gain.
  6. Give Thanks & Have Fun!
    Finally, and most importantly, don’t forget to reflect on everything you have to be grateful for. Enjoy the time you have with family and friends; your ability to choose to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to which foods you are going to eat; and the strong, healthy body that you are blessed with. We can all find something to complain about, but this weekend let’s gain some perspective and reflect on only the positive. Live, laugh, love, eat and have fun!

Today I am grateful to share the journey of health and wellness with so many incredible people.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Always in good health,

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